Electric Toothbrush FAQs

Why is the electric toothbrush more effective than other electric/sonic toothbrushes?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush uses sonic technology at a groundbreaking rate of up to 36,000 vibrations per minute to gently remove debris, aid in tartar prevention and help dislodge plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth. Custom modes gently stimulate and cleanse the gums for a powerful, custom clean.

What are the benefits of using an electric toothbrush?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush is 120 times more powerful than a manual toothbrush, for more effective plaque removal and a deeper clean — with far less time and effort.

What are the different cleaning modes on the electric toothbrush?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush has 5 modes for custom care of your teeth and gums: Clean, White, Polish, Massage and Sensitive.

How do I change modes on my electric toothbrush?

Gently press the button to alternate and change settings as desired. Icons for each mode will light up when activated.

How does the 2-minute timer and quad-pacer work?

A built-in timer in the MOON Electric Toothbrush will signal shutoff automatically after 2 minutes. Helpful alerts at 30-second intervals prompt you to switch to a different area in your mouth for an even clean. 

Is the electric toothbrush waterproof?

Yes, the MOON Electric Toothbrush is waterproof and safe for use in the shower or around your sink.

How long does the charge/battery last?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush has the longest charge duration of any electric toothbrush currently on the market — one charge will allow the battery to hold charge for up to 6 weeks.

How do I know if I’m low on battery?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush will prompt you to charge the battery when the battery icon on the device glows red.

Tips to prolong battery life

Switch on to check if the battery is empty upon the first time you receive the appliance. If there is power, run it out before the first charge. After the first charge, do not recharge it between brushings, recharge. only when it almost stops running. Let the charge run out once a year.

How long does the electric toothbrush take to charge?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush takes just 12 hours to reach a full charge, lasting up to 6 weeks. 

Who can use the electric toothbrush?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush is suitable for all smiles, including those with sensitivity, dental work and/or crowns, veneers and orthodonture. Children between the age 6-10 must be given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. 

What types of bristles are on the electric toothbrush?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush uses the gold standard for toothbrush bristles — genuine Dupont bristles, which are set apart by their excellent wear performance, greater bend recovery compared to other materials. 

How often should I change my toothbrush head?

Dental professionals recommended changing your brush head every 3 months. 

Is the toothbrush head recyclable? How do I dispose of my electric toothbrush?

Yes, our The MOON Electric Toothbrush brush heads are 100% recyclable. To recycle the brush handle, please first dispose of the battery in accordance with local regulations. Once battery is removed, please recycle the brush handle with other plastics.

How do I change my brush head?

To switch brush heads on the MOON Electric Toothbrush, simply Insert the brush head into the handle and push down, while leaving a small gap to allow for sonic vibrations. 


Can I skip my upcoming brush head delivery?

Yes, simply log into your Moon account and click on “Manage Subscriptions” 

How do I change/cancel an order?

Once an order is placed, changes cannot be made. You can cancel your order by reaching out to: Moon Oral Care <support@moonoralcare.com> or call Telephone :


Mon - Fri:

9am - 5pm (PST)

What countries do you ship to?

Click on the link for a complete list of countries that we ship to: https://moonoralcare.com/pages/shipping

What is your warranty policy?

Our warranty policy offers 1 full year of coverage. 


How often do I clean my electric toothbrush?

Rinse your brush head after every use to remove residue, and allow to air dry.

Can I return my brush heads?

Yes, unused brush heads may be eligible for return. Please contact customer service.

What is your return policy?

Please see our full Return Policy here. https://moonoralcare.com/pages/returns


Do other brush heads fit on the electric toothbrush?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush was designed to be used only with MOON replacement heads. Other brush heads are not compatible with the design of the MOON Electric Toothbrush.

Can you use the electric toothbrush with dental work?

The MOON Electric Toothbrush is safe to use with all dental work.

How should I store my electric toothbrush?

Your MOON Electric Toothbrush is best stored on your sink countertop away from direct sunlight or placed in your travel case in ventilated, dry temperatures. 

Can I take my electric toothbrush in my carry-on?

Yes, the battery inside the electric toothbrush is safe to go through TSA.